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About ACI

ACI (Academic Consulting International) is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company providing educationally related consulting, research and editorial services to a largely international clientele, including students, faculty and administrators.

Current needs for additional writers

Numerous institutions of higher learning, many of them US-based, are in the process of establishing English-language degree programs in non-English-speaking countries, many of them in Asia. Much of the workload for which additional (work-from-your-own-home) writers currently are needed involves the production of “models” to be used in these educational programs, to provide standards and examples for students to follow. The subject matter we cover, therefore, runs the entire gamut of topics one encounters at the college and graduate school levels. For the most part, however, the work we do is concentrated in the domains of business, humanities and social sciences. (We also need editors, although there is less of a demand for pure editing as opposed to editing and writing in combination.) Update: If you are well-versed in accounting, computer programming, economics, engineering (any aspect), finance, mathematics (including statistics) or any of the physical sciences, you are especially encouraged to contact us. (These fields tend to offer higher compensation than most others.) Now seeking additional writers in the fields of education and international business/business management, with some background in banking and finance. Must be proficient in thesis organization, competent with graphs and charts, capable of doing write-ups and explanation of statistical data (no programming or actual stats analysis required, though these would be useful). Knowledge of marketing, international business and management studies essential.

Qualifications and requirements

In addition to the full-time, professional freelance writers whose services we access, we also seek part-time, contract-work specialists in all subject areas. If you register with us in one or more subject areas and are deemed qualified on the basis of your writing samples, you may be offered freelance assignments, as they come in. These jobs range in length from five to more than 100 pages, with timetables of several days to several months. Compensation for individual projects ranges from $125 to in excess of $2,500, with the average minimum currently around $1,000. As an independent contractor (IC), you are never obliged to accept any assignment. You work from the comfort and convenience of your own home, on your own schedule. Qualified candidates tend to fit the following profile:

In addition, you must have:


Usually awarded on a per-page basis (counting approximately 250 words per page). Compensation for model essay/report writing currently averages $20 per page. Payment is rendered promptly upon completion of assignment.

Earning potential

open money bag Writers with whom we have established close working relationships make $2,500 to $5,000 monthly — in some cases even more — from the work they do for us. (Please note that this does not constitute any promise or guarantee of income.) These are top-notch pros, with ready access to all necessary resources and capable of working quickly, who do other work as well. To qualify as independent contractors, we encourage writers to maintain other sources of income.

Summary of benefits

The writers with whom we have established successful ongoing relationships value their work with us because:

ACI style

ACI style is very similar to that of the print journalism found in most major newspapers and news magazines. Sentences are short and to the point. Simple words are favored over fancy ones. Ideas and information are conveyed concisely and coherently. Unlike much of what is done in print journalism, however, we do not write in inverted pyramid style. For the most part, what we write is clearly organized within a framework of introduction, body and conclusion. If you’ve ever heard Voice of America broadcasts in “special English,” then you have a better idea of the style we want (which is also similar to that of Reader’s Digest articles).

Independent contractor status

All individuals who write for ACI in exchange for compensation are independent contractors rather than employees of the company. ACI assumes no liability for the responsibilities legally accorded independent contractors.

How to be considered for writing opportunities with ACI

If you meet the qualifications outlined here and are interested in associating with us, we would be delighted to hear from you. The procedure to follow is to provide us with no fewer than five writing samples, together with a copy of your resume. Please limit your cover letter and your resume to one side of one page, each. We neither expect nor encourage you to send multi-page documents as writing samples. One or two sample pages from each should give us an excellent idea of how you write. By minimizing the number of pages you send to us, you demonstrate your ability to be selective and follow directions. Important: All five samples must be of ACADEMIC writing only. Clips from local newspapers or magazines, newsletters, advertising blurbs and brochures, instruction manuals, guidebooks (including writing-related guides devoid of other content), fiction excerpts and anything else of a non-academic nature are not acceptable. Examples of academic writing would be: journal articles, master’s theses, doctoral dissertations and termpapers written to fulfill college or graduate school academic requirements. One hallmark of academic writing is that documentation is provided for anything that is not considered general knowledge. Samples submitted should be in keeping with this practice.

Please conserve your time and resources if you are unable to provide five samples of academic writing as described above. Query letters and resumes alone, without the required samples, will not be considered.

What (else) not to do (please)

If you are interested in associating with us, we ask that you not follow up your submission by phone, fax or email. There simply isn’t enough time for us to respond to follow-ups. Anyone who does this in spite of our explicit request to the contrary demonstrates that he or she is not able or willing to follow directions and will eliminate himself or herself from consideration. We also ask that you not send your submission in any way that obliges us to wait in line at the post office during business hours to sign for it (certified, registered, non-signature-waivered express mail, etc.). This, too, will result in automatic elimination from consideration.

“Why don’t you pay more?”

Sometimes we are asked why we don’t offer higher pay, in terms of average per-page compensation. Because our own margin after expenses is already modest and thorough testing has revealed that our clientele will not pay more, the ceiling as to what we are usually able to compensate writers for their efforts is fairly well constrained by the realities of the marketplace. Certainly we like to pay our writers as much as possible, as we thoroughly recognize the value of their contributions. In some cases, we are in fact able to compensate at higher levels. Such plums are awarded to those writers who do the most work for us. Nonetheless, the proof of the pudding, so to speak, is in the eating: The fact that we pay our top writers several thousand dollars monthly — and they are only working for us on a part-time basis — demonstrates that for those who have what it takes, the compensation we offer is attractive.

“Do I get a byline?”

Usually writers do not receive bylines or other written acknowledgement for the work they do for us, nor do they retain the copyrights to this work. Other than the satisfaction of doing the work involved, the main benefit is the material compensation paid on a job-by-job basis.

“Do you also do ghostwriting?”

There is a growing demand among working professionals and university faculty for ghostwriting services (mainly books and articles). These assignments typically pay at higher levels than the model essay work described above. At this time, we do not need additional writers in this area. You are most welcome, however, to submit your CV and samples even if you are specifically interested in this type of work only. We will keep your materials on file and contact you when we need your services.

“I need more information”

Occasionally we get requests from writers who tell us that they need more information before they know what to send us. Anyone who feels that the information provided here is insufficient to understand what we are looking for most likely is not suited for the work involved and would be best advised to pursue other opportunities.

Appreciation & apologies

We value each individual’s submissions. We appreciate the resources each writer invests in sending us samples of his or her work. Time constraints are such that it is simply not possible to respond to all submissions (or return submitted items). In some cases, lack of an immediate response does not mean that you will never hear from us. Rather, it may mean that we have all the writers we need at that time but that you will be contacted in the future. We thank you for your understanding and for the privilege of reviewing your materials!

Contact information

Submissions (with cover letter, resume and writing samples) should be sent on paper to: [APPLICATIONS NOT BEING ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME] Due to the fact that we have encountered many time-consuming problems and security (virus) issues with file attachments to e-mail, we do not currently accept submissions through this medium. Please be sure that your resume indicates your current professional involvements (how you make your living/money), as well as your educational background and credentials. In your cover letter, please be sure to include a list of subject areas in which you feel qualified to write. (Hint: Anyone who says, “I can write about anything,” is not likely to hear back from us.)

Thank you for your interest in this opportunity!

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