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Wanted: Consulting Editor (Independent Contractor) fountain pen, uncapped


ACI (Academic Consulting International), a San Francisco Bay Area-based research, writing and editorial consultancy, is seeking a talented and highly motivated consulting editor (independent contractor) to assist with specific projects undertaken by the writers in our global network.

Description of services to be rendered

The editor’s task is to insure that a particular writing project complies with the instructions provided by the client. Specifically, the editor evaluates the writer’s work in the context of the client’s instructions and works with the writer in making any appropriate adjustments. The editor might also be asked to evaluate and assess the feasibility of a particular client query. No sales work is involved.

Required qualifications

The single most important requirement is a high level of intelligence, which is instrumental in making good decisions and judgement calls on a wide range of issues and subject matter.

In addition, the work requires:

Because ACI’s work sometimes involves transfer of books and other non-electronic materials in the context of rush deadlines, preference will be given to individuals who reside in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Consultant profile

An individual appropriate for this work is likely to have earned one or more advanced degrees. Such a person will enjoy the intellectual challenge and stimulation of the projects dealt with. This person will be thorough, conscientious and detail-oriented by nature, with a high degree of self-discipline, as he or she will be working as an independent contractor, with no direct, on-premise supervision.

Independent contractor status

As an independent contractor (IC), the editor enjoys the flexibility of choosing the hours during which he or she chooses to work. To qualify as an IC, the editor must

Fees & income potential

Editor will invoice company, using any mutually acceptable time billing program, at the rate of US$25 per hour. Performance bonuses will be awarded. If editor logs an average of 20-25 hours per week, fees plus bonuses could total $2,500-5,000+ for a one-month period. (This of course does not constitute a guarantee of earnings.)

Application procedure

Interested individuals who are confident that they meet the specifications described above should submit, by “snail mail,” a cover letter, current resumé (with recent references) and several writing samples, including at least three samples of ACADEMIC writing to: [APPLICATIONS NOT BEING ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME] Please limit your cover letter and resumé to one side of one sheet of paper, each. Due to the fact that we have encountered many time-consuming problems and security (virus) issues with file attachments to email, we do not currently accept submissions through this medium.

If you are interested in associating with us, we ask that you not follow up your submission by phone, fax or email. There simply isn’t enough time for us to respond to follow-ups. Anyone who does this in spite of our explicit request to the contrary demonstrates that he or she is not able or willing to follow directions and will eliminate himself or herself from consideration. We also ask that you not send your submission in any way that obliges us to wait in line at the post office during business hours to sign for it (certified, registered, non-signature-waivered express mail, etc.). This, too, will result in automatic elimination from consideration.

Anyone who feels that the information provided here is insufficient to understand what we are looking for most likely is not suited for the work involved and would be best advised to pursue other opportunities.

Please note that:

Thank you for your interest in this opportunity!

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